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Framed Study of Swallows No.5 of 100

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This limited edition framed Study of Swallows is number 5 of 100. This print is framed and signed by artist and would make a perfect gift for any art lover or bird enthusiast. 

The swallow, or 'barn swallow', is a common summer visitor, arriving in April and leaving in October. Swallows are widespread and common birds of farmland and open pasture near water. They are agile fliers and feed on flying insects. In the winter they migrate back to Africa and can be seen gathering to roost in wetlands, particularly reedbeds. 

This piece was originally painted on a natural coloured hessian by artist Jack Fetherstonhaugh. 

The rustic brown frame is 45x62cm and is handmade. It's made from solid pinewood with a black mount and a sheet of glass for that premium look. It is easy to hang on the wall and looks fantastic in any room. 

Please note that print number may differ in photos. 

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