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Original Puffin Painting

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So much energy and movement this painting it really bursts out of the hessian canvas!

Since 2019 I have started to paint lots of multiples of birds on one canvas. Puffins have always been very popular and always look playful and bright when painted on the hessian. This painting features three of the cheeky chaps.. I like the way the three puffins balance out the canvas. You can see the puffin in the foreground has fish in its mouth.. This makes me think of the puffins in the wild fishing away..

This painting is a good size and looks great on the wall unframed. 

This painting was created by Jack at the end of 2019. Canvas size of: 40x70cm

Painted in acrylic paint on stretched hessian.

Free shipping (UK ONLY)  and insurance for this painting. Sent with Royal Mail - Special Delivery. 

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